We provide wholesome, great tasting, all natural meats, from Criollo cattle raised on our ranch in addition to great tasting pork.

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Beef, the way nature intended.

Danny and Kacie Tomerlin, both from long time Arizona ranching families dedicate themselves to raising quality gourmet all-natural beef that is an asset to Arizona's precious natural resource, the land.

Our Criollo (krēē-ō-yō) cattle graze the rich grasslands of Northern Arizona as well as spending time on our irrigated fields in Dewey-Humboldt.   As a family, we are dedicated to providing you and your family the finest beef available, that has been produced with the highest sense of responsibility and care for the land and cattle.  Raising cattle in Arizona is what we have done for five generations.   It is what we know and love to do and we take much pride in our job.   

In addition, this year we have something exciting to bring to you. We are adding pork to our purchasing options, this year.  We are super excited to have partnered with a life long colleague, friend and sidekick, who has years of experience to make this happen.   We are feeding brewers grain from a local brewery as our feed source and are happy to be utilizing a locally sourced feed supply. 

As professionals, we bring experience, research, innovation and passion to your dinner table while stewarding the land with the utmost respect. Rest assured, our cattle and pigs along with your meat is hand selected and handled with much care.  Thank you for trusting us to provide food for your family.  It is the same quality meat that our family has enjoyed for years and we are happy to have the opportunity to share it with you.

We love our job: Providing quality meats for your family.

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