When it comes to cooking our deliciously tender grass fed beef our motto is low and slow!

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Beef, the way nature intended.

Family Favorites

     We love to cook as much as we love working with our cattle and enjoying our ranch. Our family really enjoys gathering in the kitchen to visit, cook and enjoy a wonderful meal together. Outdoor cooking is one of Danny's specialties. He buried this chuck roast, for six hours with hot coals on top and bottom.  He added a small amount of liquid to the oven and some of our Criollo Beef Spice Rub.  It came out so tender and delicious!

     We have included some of our family favorites below. In addition, you'll find some of the websites we look to frequently for new ideas or twists on some old favorites.


The Farmer and the Grill by Shannon Hayes

This book has received much praise from customers learning the art of grassfed cooking.