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Beef, the way nature intended.

Please let us know if you have a question that is not answered here, we are happy to visit with you!  These are the most common questions we receive.

  • Can I purchase a quarter or half beef?
    • We offer the Fiesta Package or Gala package in place of quarters.  They are very similar to what a quarter of beef would be.  We do offer half beefs for sale, please see our purchasing page to see the current price.
  • If I purchase a half beef how much meat will I receive?
    • A half beef on average is 125 pounds.
  • Should I cook this meat differently than other grain fed beef?
    • Yes, our motto is "low and slow".  We recommend lower heat and longer cooking time.  We do not recommend searing your grill cuts.  A helpful cookbook is the Farmer and The Grill by Shannon Hayes.  It can be purchased on Amazon
  • What do you feed your cattle?
    • Our cattle are raised on the open range and are 2-3 years old at time of butcher. They are not finished on grain or fed grain at any time.  They are either grazing on irrigated pastures at our house or grazing on natural range land.
  • Do you give your cattle anti-biotics or hormones?
    • No, our cattle are heritage bred Criollo cattle and are naturally disease resistant.  They don't require any extra care from us to help maintain their good health. 

More questions...

  • Why does my meat bleed when it is thawing?
    • Our grass fed beef retains more moisture during the dry-aging process than grain fed beef.  This is due to the different marbling.  It is a very healthy, normal occurance during the process of thawing your meat.  Just be sure to place your cut of meat in a pan when placing it in the refrigerator to thaw to eliminate any mess!
  •   Will this meat taste different than other beef?
    • We hope so!  Our beef has a wonderful flavor to it, that tastes like real food.  One of the great enjoyments of eating grass fed animals is the flavor.