We  have sliced jerky available for $8.00 pound! 

(The numbers indicate the amount of packages you will approximately receive.)

Click here to view individual cuts available

Another purchasing option - Half Beef $3.75 per pound

(You choose how it is cut up and pay processing cost)

To purchase our beef or if you have any questions, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch with you via phone or e-mail.  You can also call 928-632-8979 or e-mail directly info@arizonalegacybeef.com.

Gala Package

Sirloin Tip Roast or Steaks (2)

New York Steaks (5)

Sirloin Steak (2-3)

Round Roast (2-3)

Round Steaks (3)

London Broil (4)

Flank and/or Skirt Steak (1)

Fajita and/or Stew Meat (2)

Shank (3)

Ground Beef (14)

$7.85 per pound (avg. 65-75 lbs)

Fiesta Package

Flat Iron Steak (1)

Ribeye (3)

Brisket (1)

Tri-Tip (1)

Cross Rib Roast or Steaks (2-3)

Short Ribs (4-6)

Chuck Roast or Steak (3)

Fajita and/or Stew Meat (2)

Shank (3)

Ground Beef (14)

$7.85 per pound (avg. 70-80 lbs)

Buying our beef

You can purchase our beef several ways.  We offer packages of 65-75 lbs with a volume discount or you can purchase a half beef with you choosing how it is cut up.  Looking for something specific, check out our   individual cuts we offer.  A 3% volume discount is available for orders of 100 lbs or more.

A few tips to help with your ordering-

  • Our ground beef is 90% lean and comes in 1.5 pound packages. 
  • Our steaks come 2 per package and are cut 1.5" thick
  • Our roasts are cut to weigh three to four pounds on average
  • Check back often to see our monthly special

Verde Brewing Company - In the Camp Verde area this is a must stop for a great burger!

We might be a little biased, but stop by and give them a try at 325 S. Main Street.

Criollo Latin Kitchen - Latin inspired food, prepared with fresh ingredients including our Criollo beef.  We give it many thumbs up!  Stop by and see them at 14 N. San Francisco, Flagstaff, AZ

Our Prescott delivery location is the shopping center parking lot on the northeast corner of Sheldon and Montezuma.

Our Camp Verde location is the  parking lot at Verde Brewing Company on Main Street. 

Our Rimrock location is the gas station at the Rimrock and I-17 interchange on the east side of I-17.

Our Flagstaff location is the parking lot of the Flagstaff CSA on the corner of Cottage Street and Beaver Street.

October Delivery Schedule

Prescott Area: Tuesday, October 24th

Camp Verde, Rimrock, Flagstaff: Thursday, October 26th  

Proper Meats and Provisions- A great sandwich and butcher shop at 110 S. San Francisco, Flagstaff, AZ. You are able to purchase our Criollo beef fresh from the butcher case. We love that!

Delivery Schedule

Where else is this great beef?

The Local- A whimsical place to eat some of the best locally grown food in Prescott.  They are located at 520 West Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ.  Sheryl and her team do an amazing job with our beef.

Root Public House-  A contemporary American restaurant in Flagstaff's historic southside, with a passionate focus on farm-to-table cuisine.  101 S. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ

Beef, the way nature intended.

Pizzicletta  - Another reason to visit Flagstaff... Owner and Chef Caleb Schiff has put together an amazing Criollo short rib slider available at the Mother Road Brewery located at 7 South Mikes Pike Flagstaff, AZ right on the Original Route 66.

928-632-8979    info@arizonalegacybeef.com