Arizona Legacy Beef has a new and exciting product to bring to you! We have recently added pork to our purchasing options. 

All of us at Arizona Legacy Beef are excited to have partnered with a life-long colleague, friend and sidekick; who has years of experience needed in order to make this happen. With this partnership, we are raising Hampshire Cross pigs who are fed brewer's grain from a local brewery. In addition to the brewer's grain, the pigs are also fed a custom mixed grain made specially for us by a local feed company. This mix is both hormone and antibiotic free. We are very happy to be utilizing two locally sourced feed supplies.  

As a group of professionals, we bring experience, research, innovation and passion to your dinner table while stewarding the land with the utmost respect. Rest assured, our pigs along with your meat is hand selected and handled with much care.  Thank you for trusting us to provide food for your family.

Click on the link below to be directed to our Pork Products!